Grains of Salt: South Carolina July 4th!

For a variety of reasons July 4th this year felt like a deep sigh of relief. Lots of things are in motion for our family but we were able to toss it all to the side and spend time relaxing, picking peaches, and endlessly ringing the windchimes on the porch to Ben’s absolute delight. He also took two almost two-hour naps daily which, if you have a toddler, you know isn’t a thing that happens ever.

Back in the swing of normal life this week but moving slower than usual as we anticipate the rollercoaster ahead. I’ll share more soon - lots of changes in the upcoming weeks for us. For now though, some photos of our official start to Summer 2019.


Grains of Salt

Snapshots of life, dispatches from motherhood.


This was my last pre-Whole30 taco. An occasion that felt super important to mark because over the last 6 days I’ve consumed less tacos than in longer than I care to admit.


Jack’s view of the apartment this past week. Post surgery, wearing a diaper because poor guy had his second bladder stone issue in less than a year. Oh and not even joking, Ian and I are the only two beings in our apartment right now not dealing with incontinence. For the first time in my life, one of the most exciting things about going into the office is taking a break from changing diapers.


Finally went to Jack’s Wife Freda for a coffee with my sister. Our offices are in the same neighborhood so check-ins are easier to schedule. Also, it’s really damn nice to have a pause in the middle of the morning. You know, after the mad rush out the door with baby but before the first meeting.


This onesie. Because it finally fits and good gracious did he ever.


This unlikely pairing. Because a week later and they’re still standing strong. Cheapest flowers at the bodega, you win!

Grains of Salt

Trivial, small, cheery... glimpses into the items that shape my day-to-day. 

I was cooped up indoors most of last week writing job applications and clearing out clutter. It felt good to get out this weekend, if only for a few hours each day. The air has a new chill in it and feels crisp, winter is coming and all that. It was nice to see so much sun and green after nothing but my computer screen and coffee mug all week long. Also when working from home any excuse to put on pants, run a mascara wand through my eye lashes, and brush my hair is very welcome. 

Unexpected backyard in a neighborhood garden shop.

I love finding free things on the street. Long time subscriber to one person's trash is my treasure.

Up until this week I had no idea how many holiday plants are incredibly toxic to dogs. Since we can't have red berries in our home, I'm enjoying them in the wild of the city. They're as pretty on the branch as in a jar in my home, right? Meh, probably.

Most days Potato drives Jack absolutely insane. Always in his face, gnawing and being generally obnoxious. As one does at one year of age. Thankfully there are rare moments of calm, like this one. I walked into the bedroom on Saturday and my heart melted to see them snuggled up like this in their holiday sweaters. Yes, I am that person now.

Last of the fall leaves. There's been such a chill in the air, snow is definitely on the way. Some exciting things in the works over the next few weeks. Looking forward to sharing with all of you!