Grains of Salt

Last weekend was a frenzy of celebrating Ian's 30th birthday and hosting many good friends in town. This weekend the weather finally felt like Spring and we fell back into routine, savoring the slow pace and cozy temperatures. Below, some glimpses into our weekend. If you follow me on IG, you'll see some repeats, it was too hard not to post in the moment. Sometimes when you feel so content it's all you can do but share. Oh social media...


We're lucky that our laundromat is just a few blocks down from our apartment. While our clothes are whirling around in the machine we like to grab some coffee and wander the neighborhood. It's a good chance to explore and talk to each other. Sometimes, It's hard during the week to really get into a deep conversation beyond work, to-do lists, etc. It's funny how you naturally carve out moments in a relationship to discover what the other person has been thinking about lately. 

Living room view. With the weather finally (FINALLY) nice, we took the dogs to the dog run. It was Potato's first time at the park and although a little Napoleon around the house, at the park he was scared and timid. He kept jumping into my lap and observing from the safety of a perch. We weren't home for more than 20 minutes before all 3 of my boys fell into a deep sleep. 

We don't have an outdoor space so... Last night dinner was an indoor picnic for two. We finally broke out the air fryer we got for Christmas and deep fried some chicken I'd been dry brining since Friday. I even fixed a massaged kale salad, even though massaging kale actually infuriates me. More on this another time. Topped off with two IPAs and makeshift picnic blanket on the coffee table :) 

Last but by no means least, this baguette someone stuck into the dog park fence. What I love most about living in New York is that not a day, not even an hour, goes by without someone or something really surprising you. We were having such an idyllic almost cheesy afternoon when I spotted this... Really broke up the day, snapped me back to a fun reality, and made me laugh.