Grains of Salt

Trivial, small, cheery... glimpses into the items that shaped my week. 

Honoring this impulsively purchased jelly donut, at the most unassuming cafe in my neighborhood, for totally turning my Saturday morning around. Sometimes, nothing beats eating your feelings. True story.

I work in Midtown Manhattan, not exactly the most charming neighborhood on the island. But over the last few months I've learned to appreciate what it has to offer. Mostly in the form of the small stretch of 28th & 6th Avenue known as the Flower District. I've been visiting these gorgeous ranunculus blooms everyday during my coffee break. 

In my recent quest to forego fast-fashion shopping I've turned to fast plant shopping. Working in the aforementioned Flower District doesn't help this newly found addiction. In love with my new jade plant, praying I can keep it alive through the summer.

We've started to emerge from our Winter hibernation. First up, a trip to Yankee Stadium for our very first NYCFC match! (Sprinklers are set off at half-time in order to allow the ball to travel father and players to slide easier. Things you learn when you live with a soccer fanatic...)

Sunday afternoon spent with Les Miserables. Felt like an emotional rollercoaster, I cried from the ten minute mark all the way through the following two hours and forty-five minutes of musical. If you see me over the next few days, I'm sorry. (I'll be humming the entire soundtrack.)