Grains of Salt

Trivial, small, cheery... glimpses into the items that shaped my week. 

Chocolate granola, yogurt parfait topped with pomegranate seeds and slices of banana. $10 for something I could easily make at home but ahhh, the ambiance of my new favorite coffeeshop.

Day out with my sister shopping for gowns to wear to our cousin's wedding. Despite our fruitless efforts at 4 department stores (apparently designers only make gowns for women who are size 0 or size 14 and enjoy sparkles + feathers) we had a blast and topped off our day with coffee and laughs in Bryant Park. 

My favorite booth at my favorite New York bar. After 8 months in the city it's nice to finally have a spot. 

Last week I sat less than 15 feet from Stephen Colbert and Mavis Staples. Watching these two savants perform was an inspiring and surreal experience. It feels amazing to end the day knowing that in an age of mostly cheap thrills and plastic entertainers true talent, class, and impeccable charm still thrive. Bravo.

Oh, and Casey Affleck was there too.

I've been completely addicted to the Tasty videos on Facebook. Something about them is so calming. Does anyone else watch them and feel totally zen? We finally pulled the trigger on making this super unhealthy but delicious chicken- parmesan soup. Served with a glass of champagne, because we made it to Thursday, and during some weeks that is a great success. Cheers!