Grains of Salt

Trivial, small, cheery... glimpses into the items that shaped my week. 

Mini-donuts (they were free!) served as a pre-brunch appetizer during a spontaneous Baltimore weekend trip with my sister. 

This stack of blankets at my grandmother's apartment in Baltimore. One of the few things she brought with us when my family fled the Soviet Union. They remind me of my family's first few years in the United States. I remember being wrapped up in their warmth, listening to my parents and grandparents sitting around the dinner table, drinking black tea, talking and laughing for hours.  (The Soviet Union did many things very, very wrong but wool blankets they got SO right.)

Mini-cupcake at the sweetest bridal shower. I had 4. No regrets. 

My little man who crashed hard after playing with his favorite toy moose all day Sunday. Being a puppy is exhausting!