Savannah, Again!

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend in Savannah.  New York was so grey and gloomy last week that landing in the South to seventy degree weather and sunshine was a massive treat. 2016 has been total crap for obvious reasons but I will say it's nicely balanced itself by also being the Year of the Wedding. We've been to five this year, including our own, so I'm definitely going to experience some withdrawal from the now regular celebrations of holy matrimony. Turns out dressing up, dancing my face off, and drinking vodka with good people is the cure for all ailments.

I was absolutely blown away by how stunning our friends' wedding was this Saturday. I've written about Savannah's architecture and parks before, but when employed as the setting for a ceremony the result is nothing short of magic. Haunting Spanish moss decorated trees and cobblestone streets are the perfect backdrop to a moody, fall wedding. Some photos from the weekend, below. Looking through them with my hot cop of coffee and feeling so grateful for amazing people and the luxury of taking breaks and skipping town.

I insisted that we start the weekend at Sandfly BBQ. My reasons were twofold: I have been talking this place up to Ian since July and because he insists that I, as a Midwesterner, don't understand good BBQ. I had to prove him wrong with my off the beaten path find. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The beef brisket sandwich was so good I'm hungry again just looking at it on the screen. Side note, their homemade chicken dry rub is the best and I went through it in record time this summer. You can purchase it online, here.

Our AirBnB felt like stepping back in time. The lighting was sparse, just small lamps in every room. The windowsills and railings were so old that it was part of check in to make sure we knew not to lean on them! I fell in love with the moody wood finishes and natural light in the kitchen and bathroom. Enough so to justify my first bathroom selfie. (I don't have a Starbucks cup so there's still hope for me.) Definitely decided on a claw foot tub and farmhouse sink in our future home. Holding my breath for that.

The setting for the ceremony. Everything from the flowers to the lighting felt like it was staged for Vanity Fair, breathtaking.

I've been so lucky to meet the most incredible, smart, and hilarious women through my husband. Feeling all the feelings about making new friends. It's not easy as an adult so when you find people that you really click with and who make you laugh, it feels like eating a delicious piece of dark chocolate.