Hi, I'm Tatyana. I am thirty three years old, mama to a little boy named Ben, and live in a city where the average price for a decent cup of coffee is higher than that of a gallon of gas. I work a full time job and have been a city dweller for over a decade now. More and more I find myself in an unending predicament familiar to many: how to live a healthy, sustainable, and culturally interesting lifestyle while on a budget and with little time on my hands? 

I have tried tapping into various resources to help me navigate this problem. My search has, unfortunately, brought me to a sour conclusion. Many of the resources available to me - blogs, magazines, etc. - preach that leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle is primarily measured by the amount that I can homestead and DIY. “Slow living” and “living intentionally” are the name of the game. As a first generation immigrant and a full time working mother I find this concept to be incredibly entitled. There is more focus on attaining a measure of (what I think is false) authenticity as well as intense cultural appropriation than actual discussion and useful information. Furthermore, there seems to be a lack of acknowledgement that this perpetuated lifestyle is a pure function of privilege. After reading these sources I always feel defeated instead of inspired because I can't afford to have six types of Himalayan rock salt in my kitchen and didn't hand stitch the oven mitt for my (SHAME) store bought biscuits. 

I take no issue with those who manage to live in a city, can grow and find time to preserve all their own produce, dress their children in only ethically sourced clothing, make all their food from scratch, and shop exclusively at Whole Foods and/or the local farmer's market. The idea is beautiful, but frankly unrealistic for me. It’s important to have a balance of both sustainability and self awareness for my own self care but also for the sake of my family.

The purpose of this website is to develop a realistic approach and discussion to living a healthy, sustainable, active, interesting life while on a budget of both money and time. (Let’s be honest- most of us work too long and hard during the day to come home and preserve our own okra afterwards.) It's high time there existed a space for honest, balanced, and non-condescending discussion of these goals. 

In this space I hope to engage my community in trying to redefine homesteading for urban dwellers in a more pragmatic, less preachy, and more diverse way. 

Join me??